Melvyn Gale


Melvyn Gale was born on January 15th, 1952 in London and was ELO's cellist from January 1975 to September 1979. In those ELO days Melvyn didn't play on any ELO albums, despite being credited on them (maybe apart from little solo bits like Hugh). Live on stage he had also played a cymbal percussion on "Roll Over Beethoven" in the 1976 shows and grand piano (back to back with Richard) on the piano solo part of "Roll Over Beethoven" too, on the 1976 and 1978 shows. Melvyn got his classical orientated education at the Royal Academy Of Music and the Guildhall School Of Music. Before joining The Electric Light Orchestra as a replacement for Mike Edwards, he had already played with the London Paladium Orchestra, with whom he had his first professional gig in 1970 in London. He had also played with the London Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Glyndebourne Opera Company.

When no longer needed by Jeff Lynne in ELO, Melvyn built his own recording studio with his friend Frank Wilson in 1979. On April 12th 1980 their first album under the name Wilson Gale & Co. called "Gift Wrapped" was in the shops. The album had been recorded at London's Ramport Studios for Jet Records with Melvyn on keyboards, strings and backing vocals. He had produced the album with Frank and had also written three songs with all the others written by Frank Wilson. Musically the album was very up-to date: Disco and ballads. Frank sang lead vocals and played keyboards. Hugh Mc Dowell was helping out on cello.

After the Wilson Gale & Co. project Melvyn retired from music business and even had to sell his cello. He currently runs a CD factory.

Information compiled by Marc Haines, Patrik Guttenbacher and Alexander von Petersdorff.
Shortened excerpt taken from their book "Unexpected Messages"

last modified: 26.02.2000