Unexpected Messages

Guttenbacher, Haines, von Petersdorff

The "bible" for all ELO fans is finally available

The book consists of 382 A4 sized pages with 80 photos, the complete history of the band and all its members present and past, and a worldwide discography with 1800 7''singles and 2050 albums by ELO and its sideline projects and related artists.

The book lists 628 ELO 7'', 44 12'', 648 LPs, 147 CDs and 91 MCs, 248 MOVE 7'' and 148 MOVE albums, as well as 417 Lynne related albums. And more, 300 albums by ELO members and 174 albums by Roy Wood (solo, with his countless bands and related artists) are also listed. Add to that 150 cover versions and 119 records by the members of THE MOVE...

There are concert dates, chart positions and a bibliography which lists songooks, biographies and fanzines by fanclubs. Furthermore, there are 11 pages containing all line-ups of the bands Lynne, Wood and Bevan were in.

About 18 pages are devoted to a videography which lists all music videos, the films, the complete promo clips and all TV-shows that have ever been transferred to video!

On more than 130 pages the complete history of the band is told in chronological order: Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan - their roots, their history with THE MOVE and THE ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA and its leaves until 1996, for the first time in an accurate version - thanks to a dedicated research and the kind help of band members involved!

UNEXPECTED MESSAGES has been published as an international release and has been written entirely in English


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last modified: 07.02.2010