Colin Walker


Colin Walker was born on 8th July, 1949 in Minchinhampton, and was ELO's cello player from July 1972 to September 1973. His education was at Marling School in Stroud and the Royal Academy Of Music. Colin, whose greatest regret was not playing on The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby", made his first professional gig with The Electric Light Orchestra at the Reading Festival in 1972.

He also did his musical training as a student of classical music and named Beethoven's 6th (Pastoral) as his most influential album. By then he lived in a bachelor flat in Queens Park in London and had won the Fellowship Of Trinity College Of Music award. Colin played a German cello with steel strings and could also play piano and bass viola.

After his departure of ELO he reverted to be a teacher and appeared only once again in 1975 on record as a session musician on Starry Eyed And Laughing's LP "Thought Talk" on which he played cello on "Fools Gold".

Information compiled by Marc Haines, Patrik Guttenbacher and Alexander von Petersdorff.
Excerpt taken from their book "Unexpected Messages"

last modified: 26.02.2000