The Very Best of the

Electric Light Orchestra

Vol. 2 - Ticket to the Moon

Two years after the release of All Over The World the Vol. 2 of E.L.O.'s "Very Best Of" albums Ticket To The Moon will be released on 26. Oktober 2007.

Great hopes are connected to this release, because to some degree it was the success of it's predecessor All Over The World that we could thank for the re-newed interest in the music of our Electric Light Orchestra. This eventually opened the door for the completion of the great Remastered series.

Ticket To The Moon now has somewhat the same duty. If it will be a success the door is open to further releases like for example an expanded edition of Zoom with new bonus tracks or a Zoom Tour Live double-CD.

But first things first... Let's hope and see that Ticket To The Moon will be successful. For sure there are more than enough great tracks on it. Jeff Lynne personally approved the song selection:

Very nice to see both new (download-) singles Surrender und Lattitude 88 North on there, as well as In My Own Time, another song from Zoom which leaves you wanting to hear more.

Beside a whole lot of information written by Rob Caiger from FTM-England, the booklet also contains a new message by Jeff Lynne.

All in all this is a superb compilation, which is certainly well equipped to find new fans and to keep the name Electric Light Orchestra alive and well.

And what shoud the fans do, that alread have all the songs on CD in one way or the other? Buy it of course, and give it away as a Christmas present to all who don't already have the wonderful music of E.L.O. in their collection.

If you want to now what songs were on All Over The World, here they are: All over The World

By the way, buying both CD's will make an even better Christmas present.

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