Electric Light Orchestra

Secret Messages - Double Album

Album Cover

On the 35th anniversary of its original release the album Secrest Messages has been put out as double album for the first time. In 1983 the record company CBS had stopped the relase of the double album and Secret Messages had been put out as a single LP. Since then fans around the world have been waiting for the release of the full double album.

In 2018 it finally happend. The double album was released as a double vinyl LP set and as download. As dream come true. Finally the album appeard in the format it was always intende to be.

Here comes the track order:

So far so good, but unfortunately a few details were missed for a perfect release. First of all there is the absense of the song Beatles Forever. Even if it is not ELOs best song, it needs to be there to make the double album complete. By the way, the correct position for Beatles Forever would have been track B3.

An addtional complaint is the fact that there is no CD edtion of the double album. While it is beautiful to give the double LP as spin on the turntable, a CD-edition would have been great, too. As a small comfort the double LP comes with a token for a MP3 download, but this does not come close to CD quality.

If you want to have it in real high quality, you can buy the Hi-Resultion download. The quality of that version is even better than CD.

Last but not least, it would have been great if we had gotten a full lyrics sheet with the new relase. But this is really just a minor thing. All in all the joy about this release overweighs.

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